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Brains over 'bron.

Posted on: May 31, 2009 9:00 pm
The Cavaliers won 66 games this year, there is no reason they shouldn't be able to perform in the playoffs if they were truly to win a ring this year. They stomped on the Pistons and the Hawks and everyone was saying they were the team to beat in the playoffs with their dominating performances. Even in Game 1 against the Magic , I found myself reeling when I saw the Magic down 16 at the half, I was like oh crap is it really going to happen again, are the Cavaliers about to rickroll another team in the playoffs, then it all changed. The whole team choked (this includes LeBron James as he does play for the Cavs right?), they slowly gave up the lead and this is where the leaders of the team failed, the Cavaliers were invincible to this point and then they begin to bleed. They bleed and bleed, but no one steps up to stop the bleeding. This is what happens when you create a monster that is bigger than itself, when it falls it knows not of how to recover. Their season went out the window when they were no longer humble in their victories, and I could smell the arrogance blowing out of the eastern winds of Ohio.

This team thought their ticket to the Promise Land had already been processed, and I laugh at their lack of preperation. Playing H-O-R-S-E all day while waiting for the Celtics against the Magic to end is not what makes champions, especially when I see so many flaws in Lebron's game that should be worked on during those extra days of rest. Why not be like Dwight Howard and improve your free throw shooting, it's definitely not at the level that it needs to be when you are the superstar. Maybe develop some better footwork when you are moving in a direction other than forward because he handles the ball as well as he handles sportsmanship. Maybe a post game, where with his height and sheer strength he could out-jump any player in the league with a fadeaway, and in the post he would be able to better draw the double team and get his teammates some better looks at the basket. Oh no, not Lebron James he is the King, he doesn't need to work on any aspect of his game because he is already the best, he is content with scoring 40-8-8 off of spot up shooting and driving it into the paint. Many of you may not have noticed, but the Magic dared Lebron to play with his back to the basket, yet he showed that he did not know how. Yes the Cavaliers as a team weren't talented enough to make it out of the Eastern Conference Finals, let alone win a ring, but if Lebron had a more developed basketball game rather than relying on his strength and athleticism, maybe he could have given his teammates some better looks at the basket.

People say that Dwight Howard has limited basketball ability, doesn't that sound like someone familiar to you? Any casual basketball player should be able to see the weaknesses in Lebron's game, I mean he puts up 28-8-8 in the regular season off of only a pull up three and dunks off of penetration or the fast break, imagine how good he could actually be if he had any other skills. That is why I can not call him the best basketball player in the league for the forseeable future, that statement is based off of his regular season averages and not his actual basketball ability. For the present, I shall continue to call him the best athlete in basketball, and nothing more.

I believe the Cavaliers could have gotten to the Finals with the squad that they had, why shouldn't I, they were the best team in the league this year remember? In the playoffs you are under the magnifying glass of the world, and only at that point, do the benefits of your skills really get displayed on the court. In Lebron's entire career, I have only seen him as a two-dimensional offensive player. Take it to the hole, or spot up and shoot. I'll tell you right now, I don't care what team is built around him, if he doesn't further develop his game or learn any new skills, he is set up for many more failures in the future. If he hasn't yet displayed a desire to get better as a basketball player, I hope this season is a wake up call for him. In fact, he should go watch the two games he played against the Lakers and Kobe Bryant this year, Kobe outsmarted and outplayed the self-proclaimed, King.

I believe the proper saying goes, Brains over 'bron.

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